Tips on developing your own style

Tips on developing your own style

I have always admired women who look effortlessly put together. The one whose perfectly stacked bangles complements her “bloused just right” top paired with a flawlessly fitted skirt. Yeah, this lady always makes me look down at my outfit, and sigh… But on the flip side, these are the women who inspire us all to step up our own style and show off our own quirky personalities. Finding your own signature style is sometimes easier said than done. Feeling stuck? Here are some tips to help you develop your own unique style.


You are already on your way, just by reading this post! Turing to websites and blogs is a great way to see what others are wearing and how they are styling the latest trends. The blogging community provides a window into the closets of the best dressed ladies who will not only help you piece together a look, but are paid styling professionals right at your fingertips. Also, move beyond the computer screen, and visit your favorite local shops frequently. Even if you are not in the market to buy something new, just seeing how looks are styled at your favorite boutique can inspire you to re-create a similar look with items you already own.


Take a day to go through your closet. Pull out all the pieces that you love most. Lay these items out on your bed and see if there is a common thread among them (i.e.: color, cut style). If these are the pieces that bring you joy, then there is probably an air of confidence around you when you wear them. These are your style weapons. Let these items guide you as you build a larger signature wardrobe of confidence boosting ensembles!

3. Splurge once in a while

As you are in the beginning stages of developing your own style, you may need to get creative with your budget to get the most bang out of your bucks. BUT,  if you see something you absolutely LOVE, go ahead and splurge. This may be the one item the inspires your signature style. Plus, high end pieces are of higher quality and tend to last longer.

4. Stock up on neutrals

They are always in style and can transcend any trend that you are into at the moment. Neutrals help anchor your style and they always look fresh and classic. A great white shirt, a killer pair of jeans, a black pencil skirt all serve as a strong foundation to build your style. If picking the perfect print paralyzes you, then opt for a solid in the same silhouette. Solids are the best blank slate and can easily be reinvented with any accessory.

5. start pinning!

Pinterest is the perfect place to organize your fashion inspirations. Start building your style boards with items that you are attracted to, looks you love, and trends that you may want to try. The beauty of Pinterest is that it is right at your fingertips at all times (gotta love smartphones), so as you shop you can reference your Pinterest to search for those items that you pinned.

DEVELOPING my own style

It has taken me quite some time to really figure out my exact signature style. Honestly, I am not sure I really have completed this journey… I do know what I like, and what looks good on my body type. If I had to classify my current style, I would probably call it “boho with a classic edge”. I like flowy tops, great t-shirts, bright accessories, skinny jeans, and a few showstoppers (for the hubby, wink wink). Recently, my inspiration has come from being able to work where I am always surrounded by amazing pieces (insert plug for Beckett, haha). Here are some of my recent Beckett purchases that have totally helped my ramp up my personal style:

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