Too Legit to Quit… How to wear revived 90’s trends

Too Legit to Quit… How to wear revived 90’s trends

“What goes around comes around” is the foundation for all fashion trends. Decade after decade, the pendulum swings into the past and picks up oldies but goodies and swings those trends into modern day concepts. These reinvented looks represent a union of nostalgia with fresh creativity. Well ladies. pull out your old VHS and dust off those 90210 reruns because the 90’s are back!

With any decade’s reemergence, there are hard Do’s and Don’ts. For those of you who lived through the 90’s, do not go rushing to the archives of your closet and pull out plaid mini skirts and thigh high tights. What worked once (Clueless fans) may not quite cut it with today’s fashion standards. The 90’s revival is really about embodying the Kate Moss “Too Cool To Care” attitude with a hint of grunge and a dash of rebellion. Crop tops, chokers, high waisted jeans, and overalls are just some of the 90’s superstars that are making cameos in 2016.

So sit back, sip some Clear Pepsi, download some old Friends episodes, and take a trip with me down memory lane…


Hesitation, concern, and fear washed over me when I noticed this “farm- couture” trend creeping back into relevance. There is definitely something adult onesie-ish about overalls. However, done correctly, it can mimic the jumpsuit trend that we have seen exploding in recent years. Try overalls in a luxe fabric like leather or suede and pair with a stripe tee for a casual yet fashion forward look. So be bold and try this look… BUT whatever you do, please don’t channel your inner Michelle Tanner.




Move over giant trips of velvet with random silver dangly charms. Today’s choker is all about delicate layering. A simple strip of suede or leather with some light layered chains is all you need to style your neck.



The rocker babe

The 90’s rocker chic was all about the raw grunge scene. She wore oversized leather biker jackets with her doc martens and jammed out to “Blood Sugar Sex Magic” and “Smells like Teen Spirit”. Where the 90’s went a little extreme in this hard edged, don’t-care attitude, today’s modern rocker girl is all about mixing soft with the hard. Instead of an all leather jacket, find one with knit sleeves (like our amazing one from Rebecca Minkoff!), and pair with light denim rather than doing head-to-toe black.




t-shirt/ cami combo

If you are feeling a little scared of the 90’s returning, then this trend is the baby pool where you can dip your feet in slowly. Every girl owns a great white tee and solid tank… that is all you need to achieve this look. You can also grab that crop top you are loving but are too scared to wear alone and layer it with a tee. This look is by far my favorite revived 90’s trend!



THe Crop top

It’s no secret that crop tops have made a huge comeback. The question I get all the time is how to wear this trend without baring it all for the world to see. Unless you have a Tyra Banks or Brittany Spears (circa 1999) six pack, rocking a crop top with oversized boyfriend jeans is not recommended. 2016’s crop is much more demure. Pair with a high waisted skirt for a two-piece perfection that is not only on trend but figure flattering.





Feeling the 90’s vibe? Here is your Homework assignment: Go home and binge on some 90’s Ro-Co’s for inspiration. Then come by Beckett for some style tips to help you channel your inner “Rachel”.

-until next time-


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