Top picks for my Grown Up Easter Basket

Top picks for my Grown Up Easter Basket

I have run all around town collecting Easter goodies and candies for my little girls’ Easter baskets, and I realized that I too was in the mood for a little Easter treat. While stuffing my face with jelly beans and peeps is tempting, my stomach and skin say otherwise. However, I am a firm believer that you are never too old for a seasonal treat. Gone are the days of making blue lipstick out of my robins eggs and picking out all the best jelly belly flavors (staying clear of the pear and butter popcorn, obviously). The mature, grown up me (some argue she doesn’t exist, haha) is craving some other special surprises in my “Easter Basket”. Family and friends, please feel free to take note 🙂

THE “new”Easter BASKET

Straw totes are the perfect summer carry all for a mom on the go or a stylish beach babe.

pretty chocolate

Where do I even begin… Sugarfina is our latest obsession at Beckett. These gourmet treats are literally marketed to “grown ups” and are designed to look as beautiful as they taste. Perfection!

my favorite rose

No grown up Easter Basket would be complete without a great Spring time wine. I have tried countless Roses, and this one is definitely my all time favorite. It is light, easy to drink and not too dry. (price is great too!)

Drink in style

These might be the most adorable little stemless wine glasses ever made! A great glass of wine deserves a pretty glass.

Swap “beans” for “bangles”

New Holst & Lee bangles are now available at Beckett! Celebrate Springtime with this perfectly pastel palette!

Bon Bon Earrings

Hands down, this is the most coveted statement earring of the season! All available at Beckett.

U BRand pens

I am obsessed with my writing utensils. I dare you to try and steal my favorite pen, seriously. These pens are adorable and the ballpoint tip makes the penmanship nerd inside of me smile from ear to ear.

New Sunnies!

Nothing makes you feel more updated than new sunglasses. My new go to brand is SONIX. All available at Beckett 🙂

Wishing you all a Happy Easter Weekend!


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