Trends We Love For 2017

Trends We Love For 2017

The moment has arrived for a quintessential year in review, and what a year it has been, huh? Let’s have a big round of applause for this freaking year. One that was so desperate to be noticed it hired Martin Scorsese to direct and Jessica Simpson to star – no offense Jessica but your “heated” 90’s problems over tuna fish have a similarly relaxing effect on me as a glass of low alcoholic wine.

We can start with the mobs of teens ready to inflame their lips with dinner glasses to look like Kylie Jenner, and pin them against the political, socio-economical, and cultural divide we now have to contend with.

Sincerely hoping the image of crazed adolescents solving the worlds problems produced a slight diabolical smile. I may be alone in that.

At the very least we have fashion to rely on. Despite the ever changing flux of people’s reflected interests (trends), it is a language we at Beckett understand!

Here we give you the trends we are excited about for 2017 so we can kick off a new year with a fresh and exciting start!

updated oxfords

Say goodbye to your old striped Button Down. This season is all about taking this iconic, preppy fabric and weaving it into a high fashion juxtaposition of menswear and edgy femininity.



Ruffles are everywhere for 2017! Once thought of as overly girly, ruffles are now being embraced as major players in this Spring’s trendsetters. Designed correctly, ruffles can highlight curves while camouflaging imperfections


Halleluja! The comfort gods are smiling upon us with this one. Fashion sneakers were killing it in 2016, and the trend is alive and well going forward. From Adidas to converse, to old school faves like Vans, there are plenty “pumped up kicks’ for every man, women and child. Best trend ever!


Please, please, please throw away your crocheted bralette from last year’s Coachella. The boho trend in 2017 is taking a sharp turn into the land of luxury. With intricate embroidery donning the much loved peasant blouses and maxi dresses, the hippie chick is definitely getting a face lift!


Not just for picnic tables… Gingham is crashing the scene with carefully crafted silhouettes making this country fabric turn couture. Lower necklines, and edgy shapes give take farm-to-table fabric to a whole new level of unexpected glam.


“Flowers for Spring..groundbreaking”- Miranda Priestly.  We know, nothing new here. However, the florals of 2017 are everything but boring and predictable. Designers like Marisa Webb are elevating the flower power to a “we are not worthy” status!


A contemporary twist on the well loved Military trend from Fall, the Urban Safari trend is emerging for 2017.

Thank you as always! ~ A* and C* collab. ~ Click headings for image credits, and follow us at @BeckettBoutique to see what is new and fabulous!

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