Venita Aspen’s Tricks To Living A Positive Life And Taking A Killer Photo!

Venita Aspen’s Tricks To Living A Positive Life And Taking A Killer Photo!

“Why be regular when you can be spunky”- Venita Aspen

It seems you can’t turn a hypothetical  “corner” of the internet these days without reading headlines along the lines of, “Why Millenials Have No Work Ethic”, or “Millennials Ruin Everything, Run For Your Life!”. And then you meet Venita Aspen, a twenty something with the most infectious smile in Charleston and who can simultaneously charm a snake while taking a fierce approach to life and the pursuit of her dreams.

In a sentence, she works hard, stays true to herself, and she kills it. Blogger, Model, Stylist, Creative Director, Initiative Taker, Gritty Entrepreneur in every sense of the word. It is hard to find anything awesome happening in Charleston that Venita isn’t headlining or at least creatively a part of.

If you are thinking all this fantasticness gets to her head then you would be completely wrong. Her humble graciousness is as inspiring as her beauty. While working with her throughout the years, we have never seen a dressing room left messy, or a borrowed clothing item left with a stain. Moreover we receive handwritten thank you notes! Call us old fashioned, but we freaking love that level or partnership and conscientiousness. For all of the above we are super excited to share this local style power house with all of you! 

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How Would You Describe your style?

  I would describe my own style as, global, timeless and intriguing.

We know you are super busy being an absolute boss, what are your tips and tricks for staying fashionably fresh when you are are on the go?

I always try to incorporate something that has movement and it’s usually a cardigan of some sort, rings + other fun accessories like a turban. It doesn’t matter how “basic” an outfit may be, you can always jazz it up by adding one or all of these items.  

The world is your oyster and your unique personal style reflects that. What style/trend would you like to see come back, and what trend do you think should vanish forever?

A trend that I would like to see come back has nothing to do with fashion.

A trend that I would like to see come back is respect.

 We may talk to someone about our views and they may not agree with those views and that’s okay but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t respect them or what they are saying just because we may not agree with it. I feel like we are doing a lot of that right now and it is not CUTE or TRENDY.

A trend I would like to see vanish forever? You know I don’t have one because not every trend is my cup of tea but it may be someone else’s and I’d never want to take away something somebody may love.. No matter how strange it may be to me!


What attributes or values have contributed to your drive for success…. And what advice do you have for others following their passions?

Some of my attributes of my drive for success is listening to my body, mind, and soul. I know it may sound weird but it’s true. If my body is tired I let my body rest. If I’m so stressed out about a shoot or a project and I start to get a headache because of it, I let it go and ask for outside input as to not stress myself out about it. If my soul and spirit are low I allow it to be low to a degree.

I see no need in pretending to be happy…

or like I have all my ducks in a row when I don’t. All that will do is make you feel worse because you aren’t where you think you should be even tho that is what you are telling people.  The same goes for being happy. If my spirit is overly excited about something I allow myself to be overly excited even if someone else may think I’m being weird. Who cares ya know? I live my life for me because at the very end of the day, when your parents are living their lives and your friends aren’t there you are all you got. 

Advice? Don’t let what others are doing determine where you think you should be. Just do what it takes so you can get to that point. Beating yourself up about not already being there will do you no good.

Go after what you want. If you want to start modeling, reach out to agency’s or other models for advice. You want to be a stylist? Ask a local stylist if you can assist them. It’s really easy.

I mean when we want a large fry from Mcdonald’s, what do we do, we get it!

 So why shouldn’t you apply that drive in all aspects of your life?

List your last three Amazon purchases – ours are absurd (cough cough stainless steel straws) so no shame!?

A clear backpack, deodorant be gone sponges, and disposable makeup mask! All items for my styling kit.

Favorite guilty pleasure TV show that got you through this past crazy snow storm?

My favorite guilty pleasure TV show that got me through the storm was The Real Housewives of NJ and ATL!

We love your dialed in attitude and conscientious worldview, what are some issues that you feel passionate about in today’s chaotic world, and what are you doing to support them?

Issues that I am passionate about are: Proper Representation + Healthy Food for all no matter the budget.

How am I supporting proper representation. I am supporting proper representation by being on every website or Instagram account you come across especially in Charleston.

It is so important for everyone to feel like they matter,

                                                                                   that they are represented by their favorite brands. I mean I don’t want to get on my soap box here, but sometimes you just get tired of looking through magazines or shopping online and not seeing anyone that looks like you so you have no choice but to do something about it.

Healthy food for all. Many don’t know but my first degree was in Culinary Arts and my goal was to make healthy eating + organic goods accessible to ALL and few days ago I was presented with a project that will allow me to do just that and I’ll guess you’ll just have to wait and see what that is!  


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