We Know Your Perfect Outfit Based On Your Fave Coffee Choice!

We Know Your Perfect Outfit Based On Your Fave Coffee Choice!

As Beckett continues to grow, we often joke about all the possible reactions some may have if they knew this whole racket is really less than a handful of girls and a barrel of Kudu coffee… Of course that very assumption – that we in fact operate on a big-box store level – is extremely flattering, and why we continue to be excited to come to work everyday and grow with the business.

Alas, right now, coffee is an essential part of daily life. Me before caffeine and me after is the difference between thinking a mannequin is a customer versus shouting the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter” while dressing two half-naked mannequins at once.

Despite loving coffee deeply, I know next to nothing about it. Similar, I imagine, to my relationship with actor David Schwimer from Friends. Enter Kudu (local coffee shop) and some online recipes.

With their help I have created my homage to all the wonderful kinds of caffeine and their corresponding outfit soul mates. Coffees have links to recipes for you to try at home! Styled in your new Beckett outfit of course 😉

Enjoy! ~ C*


Sweet, lovable, and Strong willed

warm spirited and inviting with a lil spice 

hard working and sophisticated

 fun and a tad fancy at heart 

Creative and trendy


relaxed and romantic

Thank you to Hampton and Parks, two fabulous humans from Kudu Coffee, for helping me out!

Hampton said some fancy coffee words to me while he crafted the one I featured above. He relayed that this weeks featured expressos at Kudu are: Washed Costa Rica Alto La Palma, Costa Rica Tirra Natural, and Guatemala Grenada  (say those 5 times fast).

Parks told me a fun fact: Coffee beans are actually found inside fruit. Sometimes the fruit flavor is brewed out, but keeping it in tact can add a lot of interesting notes and mixtures. The more you know!

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