We Took Inspiration From Bonobos For a Men’s + Women’s Spring Style Collab

We Took Inspiration From Bonobos For a Men’s + Women’s Spring Style Collab

Just like the home decor world, men’s and women’s fashion trends often collide and intersect. Why wouldn’t we want to look like a well-styled power couple with our significant others? To do so, we needed to get a good look at what is going on over on the men’s side of things. Enter Bonobos.

While checking out the latest men’s Spring pant trends from the Bonobos collection, we gained some insight into the elusive men’s style arena. Full honesty, we at Beckett are not so well versed in men’s style. In fact, almost zero of our brain power is committed to it. That said, we were curious and eventually surprised at a few key similarities. The smoke show models in their Instagram and lookbooks also didn’t hurt.

The first similarity was the neutral and stone washed color palette that we are seeing everywhere. Something about the softer tones creates a sense of sleekness that isn’t fussy. Effortless if you will.

The second major focal point is this balance between really elevated clean looks that are inherently more casual. Again, not so fussy, yet somehow it’s a total boss move. Think of someone who walks into the room at a party and you immediately just know they have opinions of substance, but aren’t going to loudly broadcast that they are in fact a super important “venture capitalist”. Or maybe we’re just dreaming here.

Regardless, we paired our favorite Beckett looks to compliment these elements for both worlds. Enjoy!

THe Edgy Prepster

Evening style / daytime rockstar

sleek springtime knit

posh poolside

Thanks! ~ A* & C*

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