Wedding Weekend Style: Dressing for each event

Wedding Weekend Style: Dressing for each event

You’ve booked your flight, cashed in some vacation time at work, reserved a hotel room, and bought the gift. All you have left to do is pack. Oh yes, wedding season is in full swing. What once was a March-June season, weddings are now all year round. With invitations flooding my mailbox, I often find myself stressing out about what to wear to all these “I do’s”.

These joyous occasions used to be rehearsal Friday, wedding Saturday, done. Oh no, those days are gone. Welcome to the Thursday night “Meet-and-greet”, the Friday morning “bridesmaids brunch”, Friday night “Church Rehersal”, Rehersal dinner, Rehersal “After Party,” Saturday “pre-wedding brunch”, Wedding/ Reception, and Sunday “Farewell Brunch”. Today’s bride wants to party for almost and entire week!

Needless to say, packing for all these obligatory events is overwhelming and costly. Who really wants to spend $500 on a cocktail dress they will wear once, much less 3 or 4 cocktails dresses to wear during one weekend? I sure don’t! Luckily, the rules of wedding fashion have evolved, and with the exception of head-to-toe white, we gals can pretty much get away with any interpretation of “cocktail” or my favorite “dressy-casual” (what genius came up with this oxymoronic gem, haha). Opting for separates, experimenting with printed pants, and dressing up denim are among some suggestions to breathe new life into your wedding weekend wardrobe. Moving away from cocktail dress, after cocktail dress, you can really play around with pieces you may already own to create that desired “dressy casual” look. This is friendly on the budget, and helps you flap those wings of style ingenuity.

Thursday night “meet-and-greet”

You are just getting into town and you are super pumped to see all your favorite peeps. This is the night to wow everyone with a killer look. My suggestion is to go for something unexpected, like a crop top (Elizabeth & James)and printed culottes (T. lulah).

Friday “bridesmaids brunch”

Attention all bridesmaids, this mandatory brunch is often early Friday (sometimes Saturday) morning, and you are usually not feeling your freshest self after a night a sipping wine at the Meet-and-greet. Sooooo, my suggestion is to keep it simple. You want to look demure yet comfortable, and fashionable yet sophisticated. Again, no cocktail dress necessary. Opt for this seasons’ number one trend: the 2-piece set (Elizabeth & James).

Friday night: REHEARSAL & dinner

Got your speech ready? This is the night to stand out! Go for a bold color to turn heads your direction when toasting the happy couple. Our latest standout dress at Beckett…a strapless double layer piece from T. Lulah.

friday night; the after party

This is a relatively new wedding weekend concept. In many cases, not all guest are invited to the Rehearsal Dinner ,hence the creation of the Rehearsal After Party. These parties are usually casual and involve some bar hopping, so “on trend” is definitely the way to go. Of course you want to throw in a little sexy-edginess to your ensemble. I suggest a flowy top (this one has the back out!) and skinny jeans (T.Lulah & 3×1).

Demure front meets sexy back!

Saturday: Day time

You may or may not have brunch/lunch obligations this day, but you need to be prepared to spend the day with other guests taking in the sights and sipping some refreshing cocktails. You want to look put together, well styled, and effortless as you meander around town. My favorite daytime look: this adorable Tularosa top paired with some white skinny jeans (Mcguire).

saturday: the wedding

Time to channel your inner Hollywood Glam and “girl it up” in an ultra feminine cocktail dress. My style tip: find a dress that is both a little sexy, but can move easily. There is nothing worse than fidgeting all night while tying to get down to Mustang Sally on the dance floor. Need the perfect wedding-guest dress? Beckett has some amazing options! (floral shift: T. lullah) /(Colorful lace: Alexis)

sunday: Farewell brunch

Pop a couple aspirin, wipe away the remnants of last nights makeup, and get ready for your last hoorah of the weekend. You want to look fabulous of course, but you need to be ready to travel home in what ever you are wearing. An easy sundress is my pick because you can literally throw it on and go. Beckett’s new arrival from Tullarosa is the perfect option.

Have a wedding coming up? Now is a great time to pop into Beckett and create a flawless wedding weekend wardrobe. Hope to see you soon!

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