What to Wear to a Garden Party

What to Wear to a Garden Party

The Summer Garden Party is a classy – or at least we can all agree the theme is – daytime soiree which means sun, refreshing fruity drinks, and photos galore. Your style game better be ready for those new high-def iPhone cameras because at a day party there will be no flashes to hide behind.

On that note, please don’t be the guest who brings some sort of whipped or deviled egg to sit out in the heat all day, because I will eat it and then regret the choice.

Dressing classy does NOT mean dressing boring. If I see you wearing Lilly Pulitzer I will assume you have nothing interesting to say. That may be a bit over exaggerated, but I just have faith you can think of something better.

Here is some advice:

1) Bright colors make people happy and also conveniently don’t absorb the sun. Any color that makes you feel like a flower is a go.

2) Balance the more reserved aspects of your outfit with a little peek of something edgier.

For example: an A-line or shift dress with a high neck says, “I read about world news.” BUT combine that with texture or pattern and keep the length shorter to say, “I also occasionally like to instigate trouble for some good old fashion fun.”

3) Lastly, always bring a fabulous gift, whether it be food, beverages, a little chatchki, or entertainment. It can only add to a good time! Unless its deviled eggs.

Here are our outfit picks! Call the store for details 🙂  Thanks! – C

off the shoulder game on point


The Perfect fruit inspired gifts


 bright textured shift dress


a pop with accessories 


girl boss


Subtal print and Lilac 


Navy and sunflower


Candy Colors and gold 



rose two piece


A cute Citronella candle helps!




tapered and temptress

statement pieces are the new pearls

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